About Us

Pritamsingh Pardeshi and Pragati Pardeshi - Founders, PPSoftwares & Enterprises

Building Software Solutions with Passion, Innovation, and Teamwork

PPSoftwares & Enterprises (PPSoftwares) is a testament to the combined expertise and dedication of its founders, Pritamsingh Pardeshi and his wife, Pragati Pardeshi.

Hailing from Nashik, Maharashtra, India, Mr. Pardeshi holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology from PVG College of Engineering (2015). His software development journey began with a deep-seated passion for game creation, which sparked his interest in the broader world of software development. Leveraging his full-stack development skills, Mr. Pardeshi established PPSoftwares & Enterprises in 2016.

Since then, PPSoftwares has grown from a provider of small-scale software solutions to a trusted partner for developing large-scale applications for both prestigious brands and government institutions. Mr. Pardeshi's leadership and technical expertise have been instrumental in this growth, fostering a team environment that prioritizes innovation and excellence.

A Strong Partnership

In 2019, after their marriage, Mrs. Pragati Pardeshi, a highly qualified MCOM graduate with 6 years of experience in various financial institutions, joined PPSoftwares. Her strong financial acumen perfectly complements Mr. Pardeshi's technical prowess. She oversees the company's finance department, ensuring its financial stability and growth.

Together, Mr. and Mrs. Pardeshi lead PPSoftwares with a shared vision and commitment to excellence. Their complementary skillsets and collaborative approach have been a key driver of the company's success.

A Track Record of Success

Mr. Pardeshi boasts a remarkable portfolio encompassing over 350 developed software applications and websites. Among these projects are some of PPSoftwares' most recognized titles, including Carrom Game, Hindu Matrimony App, Smart Hotel Management System, Smart Tailor, Smart School Management System, etc.

Driven by a Commitment to Affordability

Mr. Pardeshi is not only passionate about software development, but also deeply committed to making it accessible. He strives to create software solutions that are not only innovative but also affordable, catering to those who might not have access to high-priced options from larger companies.

Beyond the Technical Expertise

Mr. Pardeshi's dedication extends beyond technical expertise. He is a strong believer in continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest advancements within the IT industry. In his personal time, Mr. Pardeshi finds inspiration in music and enjoys playing piano. He also maintains a passion for chess, a strategic game that helps keep his mind sharp and focused.

This combination of technical prowess, innovative spirit, and commitment to affordability positions Mr. Pardeshi and PPSoftwares & Enterprises as a leading force in the software development landscape.